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    How to subscribe EGLOO cloud

    We operates our own EGLOO Cloud server and the it costs depending on storage and service period.


    ① Go to Settings and click Cloud menu. You can choose save Period (Choose between 1/3/7 and 30 days) 

    and service period (Choose between 1 month or 1 year).


    ② Choose Paypal payment method and tap Payment button and done!

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    Key features

    Recording : Video can be viewed while moving the timeline at the bottom of the Live view screen.

    Download Recordings : Download directly fr|om the 'Clip' menu to the smartphone photo album.

    Events : You can only collect and view videos of motion/sound detection.


    For more information about the cloud, you can find it in the CLOUD menu at the top and contact for inquiries.

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    Live view screen


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    Automatically record 24/7 when using a Cloud or SD card. ( EGLOO A1 supports SD card storage mode only. )

    You can watch recorded videos on the app, download video clips, etc.

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    Schedule recording settings

    You can use Schedule Settings to set the time and date when it being recorded. You can record only on the date and time you want to record.

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    The cloud is priced differently depending on storage and service period

    When the cloud service expires, it automatically switches to micro SD card storage mode and the camera reboots. 

    (It will not be recorded without a micro SD card on the camera. You can only view the live screen.)

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    SD card

    Micro SD card needs to be checked for using. Please format if not formatted at first (Setting - SD Card - Formatting)

    If the micro SD card is not read, please check if the micro SD card is read properly on the PC.

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    Event (motion/sound detection) settings

    To receive an alarm, it must be the 'On' setting on 'Settings - Alarm - Motion/Sound' menu.


    Motion Detection

    - 'Event Settings > Motion' fr|om the menu at the bottom of the live screen.

    - Motion areas can be designated up to 8 zones. Motion sensitivity levels can be adjusted separately for each zone. 

    The recommended motion sensitivity figure is 85.


    Sound Detection

    - 'Setting – Video & Audio – Microphone status' must always be 'ON' for sound detection.

    - You can adjust the sensitivity level to receive an alarm when detecting a sound.

    The EGLOO camera treats continuous sound events as one event, so if you set the sensitivity too high, you can only be notified at the initial sound detection.

    You shouldn't raise the sensitivity level to the maximum because you cannot receive any notification except first notificaition. 


    If the distance is 1 meter fr|om a target that makes sounds (for example, a baby), you can set the sensitivity to 10 meters and 20 meters for 2 meters.

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    Day & Night Mode

    ① If you can't see the screen in the dark, please proceed as below.

    - Please check if Settings > Video & Audio > Night Mode is set to 'On or Auto'.

    - Check if the camera clicks when changing the night mode 'On/Off' setting.


    ② When the screen switches between color and black and white,

    - Move IR reflective objects (thick blankets, pillows, etc.) within 3.28ft(1m) in front of you to check if this symptom repeats.

    - Make sure that Settings > Video & Audio > Night Mode is set to 'On or Auto'.

    - Check if the camera clicks when changing the night mode 'On/Off' setting.

    ③ The video is sent to a red screen.

    - At night filter turned on due to external shock.

    - Set the camera 'Setting > Video & Audio > Night Mode 'Off' and check the video. 

    And save the night mode back to 'Auto' to make sure you can see the live video properly.

    ④ Even if it is daytime, shown in night mode (black and white)

    - Set the camera 'Setting > Video & Audio > Night Mode 'Off' and check the video. 

    - And save the night mode back to 'Auto' to make sure you can see the live video properly.

    (When set to Auto, please check if the screen is switched to black and white. 

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    Check camera sound

    - Sound fr|om Camera : Settings - Video & Audio - Please check speaker volume.

    - Sound fr|om smartphone : Settings > Video & Audio > Microphone Settings > On

    If you check the sound when the device and smartphone are in the same space, 

    Please test it in a different space because the howling phenomenon occurs on the smartphone.

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    4-channel view

    Click the 4-Channel view icon at the top right of the screen and tap the split screen and assign the device. 

    You can select and assign one fr|om each of the registered devices. You can monitor the image on the same screen up to 4 cameras.

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    Change Master Device

    The Smartphone/tablet PC that first registered the device will have Master access

    You need the Master device's approval when connecting fr|om another device.

    1. When you change an unauthorized device to MASTER device (re-register the master device when you change your smartphone/tablet PC).


    : On a new smartphone to be set as the master device, 

    Log in > On request for access pop-up and tap 'Yes' > Click 'Change Master device' at the bottom > E-mail authorization > Change Completed!

    2. Change the smartphone authorized for access to the master device.


    : Login with a smartphone to change to the master device > Tap Menu on the top-left > Go to 'Security settings' 

    > Click 'Change Master device' at the bottom > E-mail authorization > Change Completed!

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    Allow other device's access

    Go to Menu > Security setting : You can find Allow access only fr|om approved devices menu and tap right arrow icon.

    You can check requested devices' list on 'Request', 'Approval','Reject' and allow it by tapping the 'Approve' button on the 'Request' list.


    After approval, the device in the request list moves to the approval list.


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    View login history

    You can find the login history on Menu > Security Settings > View Login History.

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    Share ACCOUNT (Master account)

    The device on which you first registered your EGLOO product will have Master access and you can share this account with others.


    When master device allows to access, you can log in with Master's ID and Password anytime. 

    This method allows you to change all the settings of the camera and access all registered cameras (devices).


    When an approved device connects to the camera, a connection notification is issued to the master device. 

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    Share DEVICE only

    It is a function that shares only the camera that you want to share among the cameras registered in the master device's account to another (shared) account.

    Depending on your permission, the shared account can change the camera settings.

    > Family permission : All settings can be changed

    > Guest permission : Settings only available on the real-time view screen

    You cannot receive a notification when accessing the camera. If you have 3 cameras registered in your master device's account, only 1 camera can be shared with another device.

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    Inquiries for installation

    When registering a device, you must connect Wi-Fi to 2GHz or 2.4GHz to install it.

    1. If Wi-Fi is not found when selecting Wi-Fi to connect to the camera 

    → After turning off mobile/cellular data signal (connect to Wi-Fi only), please refresh and re-register.

    2. Other Wi-Fi appears in the list, but the Wi-Fi you are using does not appear in the list. 

     → Wi-Fi names must be in English only. If spaces are included with other languages, special characters (&, ♥, etc.), you may not be able to connect the device. 

    Please check after changing the Wi-Fi name.

    → If not, tap the "try again" button and move the camera closer to the router to try to re-register.

    3. If device registration is interrupted during device registration with the guide voice "Connection to the wireless router.." 

    → Please delete the using Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi settings on your phone and re-connect and re-register.

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    Inquiries for connection

    ①  How to check the power connection status 


    : Check the power connection status of the camera and the LED light. 

    If 'Login > Camera Settings > General Settings > Status LED' is set to OFF, the LED may not be visible.

    ② To check for Wi-Fi signal

    *Settings - General – Wi-Fi signal 

    - 35~45 : Connection status is very good

    - Over 55 : Device is not connected well and there would be video delay.

    - Over 65 : Connection is very poor. It is almost impossible to use a camera

    The Wi-Fi signal weakens as the distance between the camera and the router gets farther and weakens due to interference when passing through obstacles 

    such as walls, columns, and electronic devices. Please install the distance between the camera and the router closely, or change the location of the router 

    if the router is behind an electronic devices such as a TV or if there is an obstacle. 


    If it is difficult to change the location of the camera or router, please install a Wi-Fi amplifier and use amplifier.

    ③  How to check after router reboot


    : If you use the router for a long time or if a large number of IOT devices (TV, air purifier, washing machine, etc.) are connected, it can be overloaded, 

    so please disconnect the IOT devices or reboot the router. If the same symptoms are maintained after the router reboot, please measure the upload speed 

    through the network speed measuring app (Benchbee, etc.). 


    For stable service, upload speed should be at least 10Mbps. 

    If you have a large number of IOT devices connected to the router, you may need a speed greater than 10 Mbps.

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    Register camera

    ① Sign-in after signing up for membership.
    ② Tap '+' icon for device registration.
    ③ Tap 'Next' button after watching the installation guide video
    ④ Tap 'Wi-Fi settings' button (For Iphone, go directly to Wi-Fi Settings.)
    ⑤ Connect with Wi-Fi 'EGLOO_CAM_XXXXX' and return to the EGLOO App to click 'Next' button. 
    ⑥ Connect to Wi-Fi where you want to install the product and enter your Wi-Fi password.
    ⑦ Connecting to wireless router > Connecting to cloud server guide voice comes out fr|om camera and registration completed!

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    Delete registered devices

    Please go to General setting page and remove registration device.


    After deleting the device, the actual product should also proceed with RESET

    (For the camera, press the reset button for about 5 seconds to return to the initialization state.)