• Q
    Register camera

    ① Sign-in after signing up for membership.
    ② Tap '+' icon for device registration.
    ③ Tap 'Next' button after watching the installation guide video
    ④ Tap 'Wi-Fi settings' button (For Iphone, go directly to Wi-Fi Settings.)
    ⑤ Connect with Wi-Fi 'EGLOO_CAM_XXXXX' and return to the EGLOO App to click 'Next' button. 
    ⑥ Connect to Wi-Fi where you want to install the product and enter your Wi-Fi password.
    ⑦ Connecting to wireless router > Connecting to cloud server guide voice comes out fr|om camera and registration completed!

  • Q
    Delete registered devices

    Please go to General setting page and remove registration device.


    After deleting the device, the actual product should also proceed with RESET

    (For the camera, press the reset button for about 5 seconds to return to the initialization state.)