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    Inquiries for installation

    When registering a device, you must connect Wi-Fi to 2GHz or 2.4GHz to install it.

    1. If Wi-Fi is not found when selecting Wi-Fi to connect to the camera 

    → After turning off mobile/cellular data signal (connect to Wi-Fi only), please refresh and re-register.

    2. Other Wi-Fi appears in the list, but the Wi-Fi you are using does not appear in the list. 

     → Wi-Fi names must be in English only. If spaces are included with other languages, special characters (&, ♥, etc.), you may not be able to connect the device. 

    Please check after changing the Wi-Fi name.

    → If not, tap the "try again" button and move the camera closer to the router to try to re-register.

    3. If device registration is interrupted during device registration with the guide voice "Connection to the wireless router.." 

    → Please delete the using Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi settings on your phone and re-connect and re-register.

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    Inquiries for connection

    ①  How to check the power connection status 


    : Check the power connection status of the camera and the LED light. 

    If 'Login > Camera Settings > General Settings > Status LED' is set to OFF, the LED may not be visible.

    ② To check for Wi-Fi signal

    *Settings - General – Wi-Fi signal 

    - 35~45 : Connection status is very good

    - Over 55 : Device is not connected well and there would be video delay.

    - Over 65 : Connection is very poor. It is almost impossible to use a camera

    The Wi-Fi signal weakens as the distance between the camera and the router gets farther and weakens due to interference when passing through obstacles 

    such as walls, columns, and electronic devices. Please install the distance between the camera and the router closely, or change the location of the router 

    if the router is behind an electronic devices such as a TV or if there is an obstacle. 


    If it is difficult to change the location of the camera or router, please install a Wi-Fi amplifier and use amplifier.

    ③  How to check after router reboot


    : If you use the router for a long time or if a large number of IOT devices (TV, air purifier, washing machine, etc.) are connected, it can be overloaded, 

    so please disconnect the IOT devices or reboot the router. If the same symptoms are maintained after the router reboot, please measure the upload speed 

    through the network speed measuring app (Benchbee, etc.). 


    For stable service, upload speed should be at least 10Mbps. 

    If you have a large number of IOT devices connected to the router, you may need a speed greater than 10 Mbps.