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    Change Master Device

    The Smartphone/tablet PC that first registered the device will have Master access

    You need the Master device's approval when connecting fr|om another device.

    1. When you change an unauthorized device to MASTER device (re-register the master device when you change your smartphone/tablet PC).


    : On a new smartphone to be set as the master device, 

    Log in > On request for access pop-up and tap 'Yes' > Click 'Change Master device' at the bottom > E-mail authorization > Change Completed!

    2. Change the smartphone authorized for access to the master device.


    : Login with a smartphone to change to the master device > Tap Menu on the top-left > Go to 'Security settings' 

    > Click 'Change Master device' at the bottom > E-mail authorization > Change Completed!

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    Allow other device's access

    Go to Menu > Security setting : You can find Allow access only fr|om approved devices menu and tap right arrow icon.

    You can check requested devices' list on 'Request', 'Approval','Reject' and allow it by tapping the 'Approve' button on the 'Request' list.


    After approval, the device in the request list moves to the approval list.


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    View login history

    You can find the login history on Menu > Security Settings > View Login History.

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    Share ACCOUNT (Master account)

    The device on which you first registered your EGLOO product will have Master access and you can share this account with others.


    When master device allows to access, you can log in with Master's ID and Password anytime. 

    This method allows you to change all the settings of the camera and access all registered cameras (devices).


    When an approved device connects to the camera, a connection notification is issued to the master device. 

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    Share DEVICE only

    It is a function that shares only the camera that you want to share among the cameras registered in the master device's account to another (shared) account.

    Depending on your permission, the shared account can change the camera settings.

    > Family permission : All settings can be changed

    > Guest permission : Settings only available on the real-time view screen

    You cannot receive a notification when accessing the camera. If you have 3 cameras registered in your master device's account, only 1 camera can be shared with another device.